Wooden flooring offers something that can’t be offered by another flooring method that is a natural warm backdrop for any home type no matter your home is modern or traditional. At this time, we will share you several of wooden flooring designs that could be as your best references.

Nowadays, wooden flooring is not only used at traditional home, but modern home also using it, of course with various designs and patterns such as diagonal, straight, parquet and many more. It’s strongly recommended to apply wooden flooring to where you want to get warmth nuance there, mostly wooden flooring is applied at living room and dining room, but no harm if you want to apply it to whole room in your home.

Besides giving warmth backdrop there are still many great advantages if we use wooden flooring that is easy maintenance. As we have known that wood is durable and easy maintenance, so no need any additional cost for maintenance. Other advantages are wear-resistant and could be refinished as we want. Please have a look at the wooden flooring pictures provided here for your design inspirations.

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