TV Placement in Living Room Tips

Let’s face it folks, many homeowner say that television is focal point. That’s notion make us as homeowner consider to think the home decor without take aside the television existence at our home, right? Yup, somehow in decorating it involve dealing with a TV. But, for some cases, finding a spot to put TV without compromising the furniture arrangement and entire decor can be so tricky. Here are tips for your TV placement in living room without compromising the decor:

  • The best TV placement is put TV at eye-level which is about 4 feet off the ground.
  • Choose the focal point. If your TV is the main attraction, place it in the core of seating area. If you have beautiful window that serves as focal point, think about placing the TV on the wall nearby the focal point.
  • Integrate it. It means, you can incorporate the TV into your decor by place it on a bookcase and enclose it with books, photograph or other display stuff

Well, how about that? Are you still confused where you should put your TV? If yes, we still have TV placement in living room tips for you. Just check out.

  • Above fireplace. Of course, it can be apply if you have built-in fireplace in your living room. Mount your TV on the wall above your fireplace. Done.

So, which one trick that you pick, make sure your TV placement doesn’t ruin your entire home decor. Have a try!

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