Simply Living Room Blanket Storage Ideas

The coming of winter sometimes makes us yearning of warm. And always keep find the way to get our self warm by snuggle beneath the blanket, not only in the bed but also on comfy couch. It so overwhelms when you have a spare time and decides laying down your boneless body on couch while watching TV or reading your favorite books. Then, unnoticed you mess up your living room, since you forget how many blankets that you used. So, you begin to think how to keep the lovely blanket tidy but ready to use again. The answer is put one or some living room blanket storage.

Yup, keep your living room from clutter of throw blankets by organizing it inside the storage is the right act. By the way, there are some simply living room blanket storage ideas that you choose. Those are:

  • Using ladder or ladder shelf. It is a brilliant blanket storage solution. You can put it against the wall and place it where you can easily to grab your blankets when you need.
  • Wicker basket or woven rattan basket. Place it in the corner; it can also serve as decoration item too.
  • Old trunk or unused box.
  • Seat with hidden compartment to store blankets, etc.

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