Picture Wall Ideas for Living Room

Wall without any decoration is like a blank canvas. And you have endless way to beautify it, by arrange pictures on the wall. If your living room wall looks plain, you can start to find picture wall ideas for living room to cast away the dullness. Simply way to beautify your plain wall is by set your favorite artwork or eye-catching picture and photos which is framed in different size into a wall. Add more your personality to it.

Picture wall ideas for living room isn’t mean hanging an expensive oil-painting on the wall. Take advantage of your family photos or even weeding photos; make it your own gallery photo that tell a story on your empty wall. How to do it? That a lot of way:

  • On your neutral-tone wall, create a modern glamour gallery wall using monochrome images and decorate it with sparkle of gold accents.
  • Freeze your adventure around the worlds by displaying your photo journey on the wall. It speaks a lot more than you say. Incorporate the photos with some decoration such as your tickets, tags or else.
  • Have something classic or vintage photos? You can make gallery display from them. Place classic console table beneath the display. Lay some old-fashioned accessories to accompany the console table.

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