Balcony Design Ideas for Various Types of Balcony

Making your balcony becomes a better and awesome place can be done through these balcony design ideas. There are ideas that can be applied to beautify the balcony. Having balcony at home is becoming another stunning spot to enjoy the outdoor scenery.

There are many ideas of balcony decoration best used for different types and sizes of the balcony. When there is a narrow or less spacious space for the balcony, the simpler decoration will be the best choice. Less balcony design furniture is truly recommended in dealing with this type of space. You simply need to place a simple set of small sofa and wooden chair on the other side of the area. Two quite big of greeneries are placed by each of the chair. They are perfectly used for creating more freshness atmosphere in this narrow, but beautiful balcony.

Another idea is meant for more spacious space for the balcony. When you have a larger balcony at home, you will have many ways to make it a more comfy place to hangout. If you have a large modern balcony, placing modern furniture, such as, large white sofas or wooden outdoor furniture and decorating it in brown and white color scheme will be a brilliant decision. Having those elements in the balcony makes it look more contemporary.

Decorating a large balcony in a more traditional home design can be another fun activity to do. The traditional housing does not require us to give more contemporary touch. Hanging various vases of colorful flowers is the first way to deal with this particular balcony. The balcony will attract people’s attention by its beautiful flowers hanging on the wooden structure of this balcony. Then, more old-fashioned furniture can be placed in this balcony, such as classic wooden chair and a circular wooden table. When you live in an apartment, apartment balcony design is becoming the perfect choice for you.

Gravel Garden Design Ideas for Modern House Design

Your garden at house will look more fascinating by decorating it with gravel garden design ideas.The ideas of decorating garden with gravel are now gaining more popularity. Gravel is a natural material that can create more stunning outdoor panorama when it is used as the main element in your garden decoration.

There are many ideas that can be used in decorating your garden. The ideas vary depending on several aspects, such as, the size of the garden, the theme of garden decoration, etc. Each garden owned by a certain family will surely differ from other gardens owned by other people. For those who are lucky having large garden will have more things to do while the one having less spacious garden also have different strategies to make their garden looks more stunning. That’s why small gravel garden design ideas are discussed in this article.

Having small garden is not a problem at all. There are many ideas to beautify it into more awesome hangout spot for the family. The first idea in creating a small, but chic gravel garden is by building a small fish pond in the center of the garden. Then, the gravel area is designed around the pond. The rest of the area is used for flowers and other greenery. You may also give small wooden chairs by the pond for sitting and enjoy this sweet outdoor space.

The other gravel garden idea is for the ones with large garden outside the house. Many things can be done to make the garden look more fascinating. If you prefer to have a fully green landscaping outside the house, you can simply decorate gravel elements with all greenery and flowers with a nice pavement in the middle of the garden. It is very lucky to have this modern gravel garden design at home.

Modern Interior Hotel with Californian Design

Today we will talk about modern interior hotel by using one of the best hotel as the role model namely Hotel Zetta that is built in the middle of SOMA Street. This hotel really has the most elegant Interior for Modern interior Hotel since it is designed in Californian Design. At the main lobby that is equipped by applying square table, it has sparkling chandeliers lamp with pendant. In addition, the hardwood floor is completely installed as main floor design. The concrete wall is also covered by using wooden wall veneer.

For the ballroom, LED lamps installed at the background of the receptionist’s desk really emerge finest outlook. With pendant lamps as main interior lamp installation, the modern stools with suede cover become so classy. Some sectional sofa made from suede material and small curvy tables made from aluminum material are perfectly placed as Interior Modern Hotel. Another side of this hotel that emerges modern appearance is interior column that is decorated by using LED lamps. In addition, the interior floor that embosses finest appearance really looks so classy with rustic rug as the floor cover.

The wall decal that is made from aluminum material also makes the ballroom becomes so elegant. The stage lamps that are installed at the square panel emerge bright light that spot the curvy table made from aluminum material. The barking dog sculpture that is made from bronze material is also applied in suitable position that makes the sectional sofa contrasts the interior. The wall lamps also become the finest spot of the ballroom. For the wall decoration, the abstract painting that is designed in colorful model embosses finest appearance in white frame. The ceiling lamps that are covered by spiral shade really makes the room becomes more elegant.

Meanwhile, for lounge can be equipped by applying wide screen television in wall panel. The red sofa made from suede material really makes the lounge becomes so elegant. Indeed, with Interior of Modern Hotel Design, the hotel is nominated as the best interior design with Californian design.

Dark Kitchen Ideas for Modern House in Urban Area

For those who are looking for exquisite dark kitchen ideas of modern house, let we give good reference through this article. Located in urban area, the kitchen design with dark concept for the kitchen utensils and kitchen furnishings is so perfect. In addition, the room itself is designed in minimalist style and urban house is considered only has small space for each compartment of the house. Hence, black furnishings for white interior design are the most suitable interior decoration.

For the kitchen islands that are usually used for washing the dishes and dirty kitchen utensils, designing kitchen in letter L shape really makes the space of the kitchen is wider. In addition, the background of the kitchen is painted in white color so that black furnishings contrast the kitchen design completely. Sometimes, the neutral color for kitchen background or kitchen backsplash is embossed by applying marble wall veneer. Hence, the Dark Cabinet Kitchen Ideas is applied on the wall completely. For the interior floor decoration, the marble floor that is applied as main floor looks so classy with small LED lamps installed under the kitchen islands.

With such decoration for kitchen of modern house, the interior of which becomes more exquisite. Another option for the kitchen backsplash is choosing green color for the granite tiles or the marble tiles since this kind of color really fits the kitchen design completely. In addition, the kitchen stools are all made from aluminum material so that it emerges finest appearance. The alloy chimney for the electrical oven also makes the kitchen looks more exquisite. For a kitchen design, this decoration is really suitable so that it makes the kitchen becomes so enchanting.

The kitchen islands that are made from wooden material are the glossiest furnishing of the kitchen since it is polished with the finest varnish. In addition, the kitchen cabinet and kitchen storage are made from fabric material. Hence, for Dark Small Kitchen Ideas, the modern house looks so great with exquisite kitchen design.

Interior For Atelier with Artistic Furnishings

New X3 Office that is built in Romania really has the most stylish Interior for Atelier since the artistic furnishings are applied as the main decoration. Designed by Ezzo Design, the atelier looks so stylish since the white interior wall is decorated by adding other different materials of the interior furnishings. Those materials are steel material, wood material and glass material.

As the main elements for interior decoration, those elements are perfectly applied along with minimalist furniture for the atelier. The glass sliding panel is designed as main door for the central room. The stage lamps used as main interior lamp really emerge bright lights that make the atelier looks so stylish. In addition, the material for the indoor railing and the balustrade is the same so that it has perfect composition for interior design. The Interior for Atelier Design of this atelier really looks so stylish since the interior wall is dominated in white color. In addition, the hardwood floor makes the atelier becomes so adorable.

This atelier can be considered as the most artistic home atelier in Romania since old-fashioned bicycle is used as interior decoration. Attached in white ceiling that is designed in vault design, the bicycle looks so classy. Moreover, the interior wall that is designed in minimalist style is decorated by adding abstract wall painting. For the stand lamp model, street lamps are chosen since it can be used to install more than one lamp bulbs. Still, dominated in white color for the floor design and ceiling design, the hardwood floor made from cedar wood emerge classy appearance for the atelier.

Some stacks of various books are used as wall decal of this atelier so that the condition of the employees is really stable. They can work very well because they are not only facing their works, but also they work in the most artistic working place. Briefly, with Interiors Atelier Am, the home atelier in Romania looks more stylish.

Home Study Ideas for Cozy Atmosphere

Studying irrefutable anymore that is boring activity, but there will be always many ideas how to make cozy atmosphere while studying, one of them is by redesigning home study in attractive style. The attractive home study ideas can be obtained by playing the color paint of wall and furniture in study room with beautiful patterns.

If you are looking for some home study ideas, this is the best place to see. Here, we will share several ideas in the form of article and pictures of the ways decorating the home study with gorgeous styles. There will be several of home study design ideas including procedures for the placement of furniture, wall color that matches the color of furniture, and lighting.

For lighting, pendant lamp that combined with desk lamp is good choice for standard home study. If you want to add more drama to your home study room, using track lights is a good idea. For furniture, you can choose contemporary bookshelves if you have adequate room size, but if you have small room size, then you can outsmart the limited space with bed platform with drawers.

Inspiring Kitchen Designs 2017 with Various Furnishings

For those who are looking for inspiring kitchen designs 2017, you may try kitchen design which designed in Scandinavian interior that really looks so classy with wooden furnishings and other furnishings design. In addition, the kitchen stools that are made from black fabric material really look so classy with aluminum bars for the stools structure. In addition, the hardwood floor that is designed in modular style really looks so fascinating. The kitchen background that is covered by fabric wall veneer really makes the kitchen becomes so fascinating. This Kitchen of the Year 2017 really becomes the most adorable kitchen in urban area because the kitchen furnishings really fit the kitchen design completely.

The white ceiling that is designed in perforated style is designed by applying small square lamp for the secondary lamp installation. Meanwhile, for the main kitchen lamp installation, built in lamp really emerges sparkling light for the whole kitchen. The kitchen islands that are well furnished, such as kitchen sink with aluminum faucet also stoves really makes the design is so complete. The kitchen countertop that is made from marble material also emerges glossy appearance since the kitchen utensils are not too sparkling.

The dark door made from wooden material is also installed near the kitchen to the second floor of the house. With white interior wall, it is really contrasts the kitchen design completely. However, for another room, the floor tiles that are applied are granite tiles in geometrical design. Still, the glossy layer of the floor installation makes the room becomes so fascinating. In addition, the kitchen itself also becomes so wonderful as in House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017 should.