Try to utilize the space above your toilet with over the toilet storage. More storage in the bathroom without using much space is great idea, right? Nowadays, people want to use every inch of space for some purposes. Over the toilet storage can be used to store towels, medicine, tissues, and bathroom supplies. It is compact and doesn’t require much space because it is wall fixed.

Over The Toilet Storage Idea with Many Design

Over the toilet storage ideas start with how you want to utilize the space above your toilet. Do you want to put rack, cabinet, shelf? It’s all great as storage. But we recommend over the toilet storage cabinet because it will protect your stuffs from water sprinkles and vapor. Over toilet storage with glass door cabinet will be great to store your towels and bathroom supplies. If you put cabinet with blurred glass door, it will give unique texture and a little bit secretive element to your bathroom. White wooden cabinet with solid door with classic design will make your room looks more elegant. And if you want to have more storage, over the toilet cabinet with three drawers is your answer.

Over The Toilet Storage Idea Conclusion

Creating over the toilet storage idea needs to put the space above your toilet into consideration. Once it fits with your space, bathroom over toilet storage will be great idea to store your stuffs on the bathroom. It will not only act as storage, but also as decorative element on the bathroom

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