We will give you some wall planters ideas to decorate your house with beautiful plants. Wall planter is great idea for those who want to have plants, but don’t have the soil. Wall planters are modified planting bed on the wall. In that way, you can utilize the wall which often left empty. Wall planters doesn’t require much space, only your wall. There are many plants which can be planted on the wall planters. You can even have your own wall salad garden if you plant it the right way. Here are some interesting idea for you.

Wall Planters Ideas: Buying Wall Planter

To make a great wall planters idea, you can buy the wall planter itself or make it yourself. Woolly Pocket produce good quality vertical wall planters. The shape just like a pouch hanged on the wall. The wall planters is created creatively to make it easy to mount on your wall. You need to fill its well with water so that it can water itself. Don’t worry about the water dripping from the planter. The water will be absorbed by the plant and the planter is designed with small pores to let vapor, not water, to come out from the planter.

DIY Wall Planters Ideas

Wall planters by using stuffs around you? Sounds good, right? Unused soda bottles will be great material to create your living wall planter. You can partially cut the bottle, tie it with rope or thread, fill with soil, plant the seed, and then hang it to your wall. Your personal bottle wall planters is ready.

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