Luxurious Country Bathroom Ideas


Do you want to have a country bathroom in your house, but you do not know how to make it? This decoration is really a simple one and just like the common bathroom with one bathtub and bathroom cabinet. You can combine a simple decoration, such as curtain and lamp, with calm and warm color.

Country Bathroom Ideas for Apartment

Some people now are living in the apartment with a small bathroom which is very suitable with country bathroom ideas. This decoration is just simple and need only furniture that has a minimalist or rustic style. You can also use cheap country bathroom by buying some little furniture to decorate your bathroom.

But a country bathroom is not always simple and minimalist; you can combine it with luxury furniture, such as golden table lamp and many others. If you have an abundant budget, you can try to apply French country bathroom ideas for your satisfaction. But still, you should not fill up your bathroom with too many furniture, instead you should keep its clean-looking.

Beautiful Country Bathroom Ideas

You can make your bathroom beautiful with only adding a painting or new wallpaper which will enhance the atmosphere in your bathroom. You can use some flowers motives as theme for your bathroom and emerge the classical feeling while soaking in the bath tub. The important thing to remember, a country bathroom idea is always using a bathtub as its center of decoration.

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