Inspiring Modern Farmhouse Exterior Paint Colors

as its contemporary peers.

Deciding on which color palette that would be the perfect fit for your modern farmhouse home is a very important decision. Your exterior paint color is like a cover to a book, it tells a lot about the character and identity of both you and your house. A farmhouse style is a timeless classic whose charms never seem to diminish, owing to the homey and comfy aura that they exude. Living in the modern age where style has undoubtedly evolved bid us goodbye to those days when you have farmhouses styled in bright exterior paint colors like crimson red, pear green, and butter yellow.

A modern farmhouse above all incorporates timeless simplicity with modern taste, and so these days it  is crucial to choose a neutral color palette for your exterior. Why a neutral color palette? Well, because colors like ivory or regular white is a safe go-to color that is both flexible and stylish, one that certainly would not fail you in any situation. A neutral exterior paint color could also make your farmhouse standout from its surroundings, standing elegant and proud against weather and time. As I’ve previously noted before, your choice of exterior color for your house tells a lot about not just your house but also you, and so choosing a neutral paint color makes way for you to appropriately design your interior. Now that you have chosen your exterior look, it is time for the fun stuff. Your neutral-colored exterior paint could gracefully flow into the interior rooms and fill it with an aura of clean positivity.


A clean backdrop is a perfect way to accommodate your furniture choices and make them the centerpiece of your house. Once choosing a similarly neutral color for your interior rooms, you must not forget to put some deep and dark accents here and there so that you don’t make the cardinal mistake of making your house too monotonous. This monotonicity is an easy mistake that we could make once we ultimately forget that our modern farmhouse is still in its core a farmhouse. A farmhouse is down to earth and above all timeless, and so we mustn’t get rid of the things that make it a classic in the first place. So, on top of putting splashes of deep dark accents across the interior, don’t you forget to put in some antique or vintage-inspired finishes and furnitures to enhance the overall feel of your interior. These small touches would certainly help build a classic farmhouse identity amidst the modernity without going too over the top. More on the furniture side, we recall that traditional farmhouses are very reliant on old-looking wooden furnitures and although its nice to have wooden furnitures in a farmhouse we must always remember to choose wooden furnitures that feature clean and simple form, not those old-looking cabinets and drawers you see in Dawn of the Dead. Next, to better enhance the modern look and feel to your interior try putting in minimalist-style sofas with dark base colors, comfy lounging chairs, and layer them up with throw pillows and blankets.

Once you have successfully strike a balance between classic and modern in your furniture, your modern farmhouse is ready. You see now how important it is to choose an exterior color paint that matches and complements your interior. Your exterior color must form a symbiotic relationship with the insides as to create a uniform look, and it’s safe to say that your exterior color paint is what makes the modern farmhouse identity. Gone are the days when we think of a farmhouse as a place fit only for our grandma and grandpa, and  it’s no surprise that we could easily find modern farmhouses as comfy, warm, and magnificent

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