Messy kitchen needs brilliant kitchen storage ideas by utilizing salvaged furniture. In basement or storage room you might find forgotten old furniture with hidden values. Just with some creativity, the salvaged furniture could be changed into adorable kitchen storage. Here, you could get some inspirational do-it-yourself kitchen storage ideas. Furthermore, these ideas are very inexpensive, simple, and easy to do. Everyone who enters your kitchen would admire your kitchen storage using old furniture.

Ingenious Kitchen Storage Ideas

Recycling salvaged furniture for kitchen storage would help to keep kitchen neat and clear. For instance, use salvaged drawers as food storage idea to store canned foods like canned soup, canned fruits, canned vegetables, or canned sardines. Some people might already use this idea by using empty can to store kitchen utensils. You can also use old ceramic teapots and old goblet to store kitchen utensils, forks, or spoons.

Innovative Kitchen Storage Ideas

Inspired by farmers in harvesting time, you could use wicker or rattan basket to store apple, cassava, tomatoes, or carrots. These storage ideas could give little country style to your kitchen. Old shoes rack could be used for fried pans, pans, bowls, and plates cabinets. The surprising kitchen storage could change your plain kitchen to be more awesome.

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