Fresh Look in the Green Office Interior Design added with Houseplant Decoration

In professional office, there are some segmented parts which is made by shoulder height divider. It called as workspace. In big company, workspaces are made in neat and clean sequence with providing enough hallway to walk freely.Quiet situation should be made in office in order to support the working environment. It is better for putting desk behind glass wall so you can see dynamic outside view in order to prevent bored feeling when working. For having convenience working place, you must be careful in choosing some furniture such like desk and chair. Green office interior design is considerable.

Beside office layout and furniture, the interior design theme is very particularly important. You should have office design theme which suitable with your needs and desires. Color scheme brings big role in building theme and atmosphere inside. Choose your favorite color to be the main design color scheme. This moment, we bring article about fresh look in the green office interior design added with houseplant decoration. In my opinion, eco friendly interior design can grab our tired and bored feeling while working so that we can work in interesting way. First image shows modern spacious office decor ideas with spacious layout and bright lighting scheme.

Plain green wall paint surround this room below high ceiling architecture. Airy and bright eco friendly interior design is very comfortable situation for working. This office contains free standing oak desk in big size overlooking with plain green top, At behind part, there is an ergonomic leather green swivel chair below framed bay window with no treatments. Railing pendant lamps are installed above the desk with far gaps. Adding eco friendly accent by placing beautiful green potted houseplant inside white container. It looks so catchy. There is a huge document cabinet with green color. Glass folded cabinet door looks very amazing. Do you think so? I hope so.

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