Fixtures Layout for Best Bathroom Design at Small Bathrooms

Living in small home needs smart thought to plan every feature layout. Small home owner should be wise to put any stuff since they have to use space wisely. Features cannot bother our movement because it will make the home feels uncomfortable. As I know, there are some particular rooms in home such like living room, bedroom, dining room, and bathroom. Bathroom for small space must be filled with space saving fixtures and simple features. In this discussion, I would like to discuss about nice fixtures layout for best bathroom design at small bathrooms. Hopefully, you can be inspired to remodel the small home for being more gorgeous.

Small modern bathroom designs for small bathrooms are better to have bright tone color scheme because it makes the area feels wider and fresher. Plan your room with bright lighting color scheme so it reflects to the bright tiles. Modernity accent can be fulfilled by using transparent glass shower space with seamless edge and shiny door handle. Adding frameless mirror frame above single floating cabinet vanity is really a good idea. Install nice wall lamp with unusual shade so that you can meet exclusive aspect of your small bathroom interior design.

If we look one of the image, there is a magnificent open tile bathroom designs for small bathrooms combined with master bedroom. There is no door or partition between those rooms. Black white polka tiles beautify this best small bathroom design. For you who want to keep some bathroom set or hygiene stuff neatly, I recommend you to install wall mounted open cabinet. If you choose to take a bath by dipping inside bathtub so you just have to place free standing bathtub instead of shower space. Keep the privacy by covering it with plastic shower curtain like shown in images below. Tissue roller and towel rack should be equipped inside bathroom. Just choose the small and simple one since it does not take much space.

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