Exterior House Color Schemes with Awesome Color Combinations

Choosing the suitable Exterior house color schemes is important to decode the look of your house. Wrong color choice can make your facade and the other house exterior looked uninteresting. If you choose grey as your main color, you can combine it with dark and white colors. Your house will get a grey wall and black roof as its exterior look. For the windows and pillars, white color will be a wonderful choice. White framed windows and white pillars will bring the guest to your house black entry door.

Traditional yet Appealing Exterior House Color Schemes
Next, you can also use the blue color as the main Exterior house color scheme for your house. Simply use the blue wall with white pillars and grey roof in your house exterior. Glass windows with red frames will add more amazing look in your exterior. It can be said as the traditional Exterior house color scheme ideas but it still looks appealing. This traditional house exterior matches the green garden perfectly.

Modern Exterior House Color Schemes
Having wooden deck in your house facade can be matched the brown Exterior home color scheme. Brick pillar is decorating your entry area. Brown wall and wooden garage door looked very appealing here. There are still other Exterior house color scheme examples which you can use to increase the look of your house.

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