Endurable Countertop Design for Small Kitchen Interior Design

As a woman, you must want to own perfect kitchen with qualified furniture, high tech equipment, and complete tools. Woman needs to develop their cooking skill in order to satisfy their husband or children. Moreover, wife should be smart and wise in using money for fulfill the family’s hunger. Cooking food is much more cheaper rather than buying foods in restaurant. Do you agree? In order to provide more inspirations to wife or wife-to-be, I would like to discuss many themes of kitchen design with endurable countertop design for small kitchen built in the kitchen island. Do you think that countertop is important? I hope so. Nowadays, countertop becomes the modern sign of kitchen furniture.

Kitchen island or kitchen table is usually layered with countertop design for small kitchen which made of quartz or marble. Those material is heat resistant and water resistant so the top surface will be long lasting and suitable for doing any cooking preparation. First attractive image shows traditional mid century kitchen interior ideas on diamond patterned flooring tiles. This kitchen is furnished with L shaped teak wooden kitchen island equipped with dark grey marble countertop. There is checkered backsplash in order to strengthen classic nuance. The monochrome countertop is also chosen for layering center kitchen island table. The table has compact gas stove top built in.

There is no ionizer in this kitchen so the smoke or smell of cooking can’t dissapear easily. Over the stove, there is old-style pendant lamp. At the side of stove, there is a floating table with modern grey bar stools aside. Other cool image shows luxurious open plan kitchen decor ideas with upholstered kitchen island integrated with wooden cabinet. The island is layered with black sleek countertop design for small kitchen overlooking with sophisticated electric stove top below high tech ionizer. The electric stove top is so tidy since it has flat surface. Don’t you think it’s good?

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