Having storage for multi purposes is such a great advantage, moreover if we can decorate storage that can save the space in the house and put it in the right place. There are many creative storage ideas for multi purposes that can be applied in your house. In this article, I will share several storage ideas with simple ways and resulting attractive look at each room of the house.

Let’s start from storage ideas in the bathroom, in this private room you can decorate wall storage that can be seen on the picture provided in this article. The wall storage is designed with height that up to ceiling and has shelves, this storage will save the space in the bathroom. Meanwhile for living room, the storage could be used as multi purposes. As seen on one of the picture here, storage in living room is used as place for swivel TV where we can tuck or hide TV as we want. This is very smart storage ideas isn’t it?

As for shoe storage idea, there are many alternative ways that we can use. As we can see on the pictures, we can use shoe rack cabinet as shoe storage, or use cabinet that mixed with storage for ties and belts. Another creative idea for shoe storage is by placing shoes at small closet that accompanied with drawer where for the top is for jewelry storage.

For DVD storage ideas, it’s strongly recommended to store your DVDs on shelving in the backs of the room. It means you need special room as a place for DVD storage, you can use your movie room to place rack cabinet as DVD storage for your convenience while watching movie in movie room. For more practical and modern way, you can also use home’s hidden media storage where the storage unit has door that can be pulled out easily to store and take DVD. For more complete storage ideas, please have a look at the pictures provided here as your inspiration.

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