Creative Furniture Setup for Rectangular Living Room to Create Cozy Space

We always desire a cozy space for our family, isn’t it? Where we could chat, reading books, watching TV and etc. Most living room is rectangular-shaped, which is quite tricky to be decorated. Well, it is not that tricky if we understand the elements we need to put and what we desired it to be. There are some tips for furniture setup for rectangular living room.


In order to put the right elements to our desired living room, we need to ask ourselves of what we need and want it to be. Don’t let our idealistic ruin the elements. And this is the basic question we need to ask “What do we need?”.


Understanding the elements

Imagine that we have a box and we need to decorate it by considering what we need to put and how we arrange it. That is also works for living room, especially the rectangular-shaped one. We really need a good plan in furniture setup for rectangular living room, because at least we have the idea on what we will do.


The first thing we need to pay attention to is the room usage—but why? Well, it is a living room! We need to, at least, make a list of the activities that will take place in the living room. As a concrete example, if you want your living room to be the ‘having fun’ place for your family, you can consider to decorate it with TV and the seating. If you want to mix the activities and the elements, you can decorate it with entertainment things and adding arts or books and etc.


The second thing is the focal point. This is about how the room draw the attention; it means that the room should draws a good attention of anyone entering. You can add some eye catching or something that can draw attention, such as fireplace or picture window.


The third thing is the placement of primary furniture. This is the most important thing, because furniture is what makes the room alive. Before you place the actual furniture, you can do a floor plan by cutting paper as the representation for the actual furniture. If the floor plan is all set, you can start buying and placing your desired furniture.


And last but not least, you really need to pay attention to the space between each furniture; the spaces should be appropriate. It is not only about filling the room with furniture, but you also need to consider the walkways so it’s easy for people to move around the room and not blocked by the furniture itself.


Now you have a cozy living room for your family to have a moment with. It is quite easy yet quite hard if you have too much plan and minimum action. Remember to pay attention to those four elements in furniture setup for rectangular room. Once you paying attention to it and applied it to your living room, you have a cozy guaranteed living room.


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