Build retaining wall with concrete in home is very important as structures which designed to retain soil to unnatural slopes. Concrete retaining wall is usually applied in the yard, garden or patio which has slope construction. Today, we will share about concrete retaining wall design ideas that may inspiring you to be applied in your yard, garden or patio.

Let’s start from the first design idea, as seen on the picture, for those who have garden slope, you can build custom concrete retaining wall with raised beds of different heights which strengthened by the width of the retaining walls. This custom concrete retaining wall looks balanced with the garden and the house. Another design can be seen at another picture, concrete retaining wall is designed in strong curved wall in the seating area of patio slope as to give protection and privacy. You can also build board formed concrete as retaining wall with planters inside.

For those who have gravel garden, you can design creative concrete retaining wall with structure of zig and zag. As seen on the picture, the concrete retaining wall is touched with polished concrete type and dynamic edge which has planting space above, very creative design isn’t it?

There is also concrete retaining wall design idea for grass terrace, as seen at one of the picture provided, grass planting is applied on the simple concrete retaining walls to present clean line of the retaining wall. If you have geometric garden, please have a look at one of the picture, concrete retaining wall with low height looks great placed side by side with wooden bench in the corner of geometric garden. If your home located in the hillside, concrete retaining walls built from the house could hold the back the hillside and give awesome landscape from outside.

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