Making your modern house looks better can be done with this adorable color schemes for open space. It possibly happens because color is one important factor that is believed able to enhance the beauty of our house with its unique theme. When it comes to an open house design, choosing the perfect color scheme will definitely make the areas of the house look not only more spacious, but also elegant.

There are various color schemes for open space homes. And as mentioned earlier, the theme of the house is the first influencing factor needs to be considered in deciding what colors perfectly used to paint the house. The first inspiring color scheme best used to create more airy space in the integrated open spaces of living room, kitchen and dining room is the use of white and brown colors to paint the wall. This idea of house decoration will surely give you a modern and spectacular atmosphere of living.

The brown accent of the house gives more welcoming and inviting nuance. This color scheme can be obtained through its dining set and kitchen set furniture. Meanwhile, the white color is fully from its painted wall. Having white as the color of the wall can surely make the areas of the house look more spacious and modern. Another color accent can be added in creating more airy nuance is black. This color will be perfectly blended with the two sweet existing colors of the house. The black color accent can be obtained from the furniture placed in the living room, for example the sofa and its small black-painted area in the kitchen.

Another best color arrangement used for creating more elegance dining room is by decorating our house in more sharp arrangement. This arrangement means that various colors are used in one area of the house, for example black, white, green and silver in this room. It is also important to care about painting ideas for open floor plans to make more elegant dining area.

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