Beautiful Purple Bedroom Idea for Any Ages

With the right purple bedroom idea, you can make bedroom for any age. Purple color is the color of mystery. But, it also represents glamor and royalty suitable for adult. Softer purple like lavender will do great for kids bedroom. Purple does great with pale colored furniture. White does best with purple and will blend seamlessly to create a nice ambiance.

Purple Bedroom Idea: Sample Design

Our first purple bedroom idea comes from a master bedroom for adult. The bedroom combines the color of deep purple with its wall hanged drapery above the headboard. The curtain is placed on the white colored wall to create a deep contrast between the two. The bed has oversized headboard with white upholstery. The bedding though reflects the opulent aura with its luscious violet bedding with abstract white lines. The bed also decorated with shams in various shaded purple. The purple ambiance also reflected from the chandelier covered with deep purple fabric. This purple bedroom design really gives off elegance suitable for adult. Then, here is a purple teen room with purple colored wall. The purple wall combined nicely with white ceiling, white area rugs, and white furniture. The bedroom also has white hanging chair with white shaded pendant lamp. The color combination is more into cute, rather than elegant.

Purple Bedroom Idea is Suitable for Any Age

Purple bedroom idea will emerge nicely if you blend the color nicely. Purple bedroom decorations should have pale color like white. Purple is versatile color which can be used for any age. From adult bedroom to baby nursery, use purple color to decorate the room.

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